Health Access Consulting & Training 
you only get one chance to make a first impression 
Every day new potential patients and their families are experiencing your facility.  The experience comes in many forms; your website, marketing materials, in person meetings, but more than likely the real experience begins over the phone.  Your facility’s “customer experience” begins on the first ring.  The initial moments of these phone calls determines the first impression your facility creates for your potential customer.  This is when the customer experience begins and directly influences any future customer relationship. 

In these highly competitive times and current economic conditions, it is critical to get the most out of each and every call from a potential customer.  Health Access Consulting & Training can help you improve your customer experiences and build stronger customer relationships.  Our primary focus is to provide consulting/training services for the healthcare organization’s “front door”. We deliver customized solutions for patient acquisition strategies; customer relationship training, business process review and planning.

How's your customer experience?

When potential customers call your facility do they feel ...
  • They have called the right place.
  • They are speaking to someone who can help them.
  • They are reassured they are close to finding a solution to their problem.
If so, your facility is off to a good start on building a positive customer experience and establishing a customer relationship.
Do they come away from the call feeling?
  • Uncertain ?
  • Confused ?
  • Indifferent ?
If so, chances of establishing a customer relationship are doubtful.

Hope begins with ... 

  • Reassurance
  • Answers
  • Affirmation