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you only get one chance to make a first impression 
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Help begins with a phone call ....

Your facility’s “customer experience” begins on the first ring.  The rapport, creditability and trust established in the first moments of the call are critical to a successful outcome.

Typically the caller is in some state of duress caused by their own addiction or that of a family member.  The window of opportunity to get the caller to accept help or take action is fleeting.  In today’s competitive environment it is more important than ever to get the most out of each call you receive.

You Make a Difference”  training is designed to provide your staff with the tools, techniques and processes that enhance the customer experience, build stronger customer relationships and improve call conversion rates.

Background Premise
Admission / intake staff are characteristically extremely compassionate, supportive and committed to helping others.  In addition, they are very knowledgeable of addiction and their respective treatment facility.  However, sometimes the treatment center side of the conversation sounds scripted or driven by data collection requirements.  These conversations can sound impersonal and seem intended to disqualify rather than qualify the caller.  Some calls concentrate on extolling the virtues of the treatment facility, rather than focusing on the needs of the caller.As the first direct line of communication with your customers, it is as important to provide customer relationship training as it is to train on internal policies, procedures and systems.

Training Services

* Customer Relationship Training     * Train the Trainer     *  Manager / Supervisor Training

*  Training Design & Development     *  Communication Skills     *  Customer Focused Interviewing

*  Objection / Complaint Handling     *   Gaining Commitments     *  Customer Service