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What they are saying

The following are quotes received from individuals who participated in the "You Make a Difference"training

“Len, Jack and Chip,

I wanted to thank you for the supreme job you did this week training our front-end teams and managers. I was blown away by the enthusiasm and participation of the exceeded my wildest expectations.

I spent some time today reviewing all the feedback sheets and with only one or two exceptions you exceeded all of their expectations too; and that was a tough crowd.

Thanks again for all of your hard work and three made the difference.”

Executive Director – Business Development

 “Great training – Jack, Len, & Chip did a marvelous job at meeting “us” where we are at.”

Director – Admissions & Case Management

“Great seminar – one of the best I have had. Kept my attention.”

Financial Case Manager

“Good job.  Pleasant teachers.  Very knowledgeable.”

Clinical Case Coordinator

“Really enjoyed the information.  Found it very applicable on many levels.”


“I thank you for making this training personal to (our facility).  All material was tailored to specific situations we encounter and was extremely helpful.”

Clinical Case Manager

“Great training.  Effective & informative.”

Case Management Trainer

“Very interesting & educational.  As a new employee I feel that the material I learned will help me be more successful in my position.”

Financial Case Manager

“Fabulous training!  Valuable time together.  Ir was worth the two days for the following reasons:

  1. “bring the team together
  2. “learn the same info”
  3. “provided good tactical ideas!! & how to implement””

Outreach Manager

“Very informational!  I liked how interactive it was.  I’d like to see more role playing in front of the whole group..”

Outreach Manager

“Excellent exercises and interactive sessions.”

Sales and Development

“Fantastic.  I can see how this can help me working with clients and better understanding supervisors..”

Supervisor of Intake

“Thoroughly enjoyed the program.  Especially DiSC, assessing personality types.”

Clinical Case Manager

“I enjoyed all three of your styles and professionalism.  Thank you for spending so much time with helping us succeed.”


“This opened my eyes & I enjoyed finding out what I can do to be more effective in helping people come here.”

Resource Center Rep

I had pre-conceived notions of training & it exceeded my expectations.  Will really try to use the tools for personal growth in communication skills.”

Continuing Care

“I thought the entire seminar was excellent.  Loved the knowledge presenters gathered on (our facility) & different roles prior to presentation.”

Resource Center Rep

“You were excellent trainers.  You made me feel a part of the program.  Thank you for sharing personal insights.”

Inbound Sales

“I really appreciate the work put into this training.  It was critical to my position at (our facility) and presented in way that kept me engaged and wanting to learn more.”

Clinical Case Manager